Keith StalderFOUNDER & CEO

KSA Integration was founded by Lt. Gen. Keith Stalder, USMC, Retired.  Building on his 40 years of success and leadership in the Marine Corps and Department of Homeland Security, he brings a broad and deep appreciation for, and understanding of, the fundamental challenges of organizations and businesses, both in government and the private sectors.  He is a Senior Fellow at the Center for Naval Analysis (CNA), the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies (PIPS), and the Global Resilience Institute (GRI). He served as the National Commander of the Marine Corps Aviation Association for five and a half years and is a member of the Golden Eagles.

While on active duty he was the Commanding General of U.S. Marine Corps Forces Pacific and before that Commanding General of II Marine Expeditionary Force.

He has served as the Commanding General of seven separate organizations and is one of the military’s most experienced operational commanders.  As the senior Marine Military Representative to the U.S. Pacific Command, he was instrumental in negotiating international accords on the basing of U.S. forces in Japan and strengthening international alliances to preserve peace in East Asia and the Pacific.

Lieutenant General Stalder served as the Commanding General, Training and Education Command;  Commanding General, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing in Iraq; and the Deputy Commanding General, 1st Marine Expeditionary Force, in Operation Iraqi Freedom I.  He commanded Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 531 and Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron One and was the Deputy Director for Plans and Policy, United States Central Command during Operation Enduring Freedom.

He was born in Venezuela and grew up in Alaska. A graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, he holds a Masters Degree in Aeronautics.

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